This year the Safe Start Breakfast was again held in the Taieri Rugby Clubrooms. This event is always an important opportunity to look back on the previous year’s health and safety achievements and congratulate and award those individuals and crews who had excellent safety records.

The crews that received awards for being accident and drug free in 2018 were:
• Roxburgh 1 Logging
• Roxburgh 2 Logging
• Griffin 1 Logging
• Griffin 2 Logging
• Gutsell Forestry Services
• Kealey Contracting
• Forestry Roading

Each crew member received a t-shirt with their crew name and Accident and Drug Free 2018 logo.

The health & safety awards for individuals went to:
• Health and Safety Person of the Year in Logging
• Damian Mikaere (Roxburgh 1 Logging) – 1st
• Jackson Veitch (Griffin 1 Logging) – Runner-up
• Health and Safety Person of the Year in Roading and Trucking
• Darrin Burke (Dynes Transport) – 1st
• Craig Bennett (Forestry Roading Services) – Runner-up
• Health and Safety Person of the Year in Forestry
• Joe Lilbourne (Gutsell Forestry Services) – 1st
• Adam McLennan (Johnson Forestry Services) – Runner-up

Top Spot Awards for 2018
Top Individuals in Pruning based on the two assessments in 2018
• Moki Fowler (McHoull Contracting) – 1st
• John Coombs (McHoull Contracting) – 2nd (pictured receiving his award from Wenita Technical Manager James McEwan).
• Top Individuals in Pruning Based on a single assessment in 2018
• Scott McEntee (McHoull Contracting) – 1st
• Michael Scott (Johnson Forestry Services) – 2nd
• Assessors Pick over the Thinning and Pruning Assessments in 2018
• Cameron Gasgoyne (Johnson Forestry Services)