In early May, the Forest Industry Safety Council (FISC) ran two two-day Safetree Leadership Workshops for Wenita supervisors, contractor principals, contractor foremen and senior crew members.

What is the Safetree Leadership workshop about?
The true test of leadership is what happens when no-one is watching. What do people choose to do when they are left to make their own decisions? This course helped provide our supervisors, contractors and foremen with the skills to set the tone as a leader and help create a safer and more productive worksite.

What did they get out of it?
Information on how to lead a high-performance team, including:

  • How to effectively communicate to people who are different from themselves.
  • How to get workers involved in solving problems and making good safety decisions.
  • How to hold people accountable without bullying.
  • Focusing their crews on learning from things going right and not waiting for things to go wrong.

Over the duration of the course the facilitators had everyone involved in a lot of practical workshops, working together and problem solving each of the activities. It was great to see the enthusiasm within the room when everyone was working together and seeing the different styles of leadership.
Wenita would like to thank FISC and the two facilitators, Lee and Andy, for providing our people with such a worthwhile experience.