Roxburgh Contracting and Griffin Logging recently introduced tethered machines into their felling operations. The felling machine is tethered by a cable to another machine that acts as its anchor, which is a great safety initiative for our operators, who sometimes work in very steep terrain.
Griffin Logging is using its tethered machine in both its crews, particularly in the very steep areas that would previously have been hand felled.
The tethered machines have significantly reduced tracking, as the tether allows the feller/buncher to move stems to a suitable area for the skidder to pick up. It also allows the operator to directionally fell trees away from waterways and other protected areas. Consequently, the tethered machines are not only safer but can provide a much better environmental outcome as well.
Roxburgh 2 is using its machine in the Harvestline operation. Along with the safety and environmental benefits mentioned above, the operator can lay out and bunch the stems nicely to improve production.
Both of these set-ups are proving to be very good additions to our operations.