Our Products & Services

Growing, merchandising, transporting and marketing logs sits at the heart of what Wenita does.
We not only supply to domestic and international markets, we can provide our expertise and services to other forest owners.


If your farm or lifestyle property has a plantation (woodlot), we can provide a range of harvesting and purchasing solutions for you. We have infrastructure in place for efficient harvesting, cartage, log sales, land preparation and replanting. By selling directly to us you take advantage of the scale of our operations.


We supply logs to India, China and Korea. Using mechanisation and modern technology, we can manufacture logs to very consistent specifications. We specialise in radiata pine but can also supply other species such as Douglas fir, larch, Corsican pine and, from time to time, eucalyptus. Key products include pruned sawlogs, large and small unpruned sawlogs and chip and pulp logs.