Wenita and City Forests collaborated in mid-November to fully load the Daiwan Fortune at Port Chalmers.

Wenita Woodflow Manager Alec Cassie says the joint operation, which involved the loading of 21,583m³ from Wenita and 10,657m³ from City Forests, was a good example of working together to the mutual advantage of both companies.

“It demonstrated the flexibility and advantage of being able to do a combined shipment out of a deep-water port. If necessary, one company can borrow off the other to make up any shortfalls.”

With the imminent arrival of the Ovation of the Seas cruise ship, and the need to vacate the berth for her, Wenita borrowed cargo from City Forests to ensure there were no delays and the vessel could complete loading in time.

The single-port loading approach proved cost-effective for both companies. Also, sending the deck cargo to South Korea meant we avoided the need for the pre-departure debarking or fumigation procedures required for China deck cargos. The vessel will still go to China to discharge the underdeck part of the cargo, but this more streamlined approach saved time and reduced handling complexities.

Built in 2015, the Daiwan Fortune is on the smaller side of log vessels that frequent our port, measuring 177m in length,and 30m in breadth, and with a draft of 10.4m.

The vessel arrived at Port Chalmers on November 12 and departed on November 17, following a brief shift to another berth for lashing, necessitated by the arrival of the Ovation of the Seas.